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Demonic invaders from across the sea attack Echo’s family, and her response will shake her homeland to its roots. Internal strife rocks the unready dukedom and friends turn traitor in the aftermath, pursuing Echo for her abilities and their own nefarious ends while the incursion deepens. Only a handful of ordinary citizens, wrestling for control of a world on the brink of falling apart, offers any hope as intercontinental war looms and betrayals undermine fragile alliances. Magic rages against technology, the new collides with the old, and the powerful battle the impotent in a struggle for the fate of a nation and the soul of one woman. But is it enough? And what price must Echo personally pay for peace? The Story of Echo, an epic fantasy novel, chronicles this and more.

© 2021 J. E. Daniels 

Cover and Logo artwork by

Bird Button artwork by Yael Issacharov